Florida Black Bear Management Program

The largest land mammal in Florida, the Florida black bear is regularly found in almost all 67 Florida counties. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Bear Management Program is tasked with managing bears for their long-term well-being and the benefit of people. The Florida black bear is a conservation success story. The species reached a population low of about 300 individuals in the 1970s, yet they recovered, thanks to management and conservation efforts by FWC, other organizations, and public support, to over 3,000 individuals today. Due to the successful management of Florida’s bears they were removed from the State List of Threatened Species in 2012. Bear conservation does not stop once it is removed from the List, it takes a tremendous effort from many partners to ensure bears continue to be a valued part of Florida’s wildlife heritage.

FWC works with a multitude of partner agencies at the federal, state, and local level as well as residents and visitors to conserve bear habitat and reduce human-bear conflicts. The successful recovery of the Florida black bear population comes with increased interactions between people and bears. Some interactions are positive - where the glimpse of a bear from a distance provides a thrilling experience. Other interactions are negative - where bears learn to get an easy meal by raiding people’s garbage cans, pet food, or bird feeders. Removing items that attract bears into neighborhoods is one of the most effective actions to reduce and even prevent human-bear conflicts.

Donations are used to support FWC’s efforts to:

  • Provide communities with practical and cost-effective solutions to human-bear conflicts
  • Educate the public about bears and how to avoid conflicts with them
  • Work together with local governments to implement changes to reduce conflicts
  • Train staff in the most effective methods to manage and conserve bears

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